I've always been attracted to shiny and sparkly things hence my rhinestone jewelry collection. After years of buying and repairing vintage rhinestone jewelry I wanted to learn more. I taught myself freeform wire wrapping which eventually started me on the path to metalsmithing.

I work in Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Rolled Gold, Gold and Copper. I like experimenting with different silversmithing techniques such as broom-casting, reticulating, and forging.

I enjoy seeing how far I can go with the different techniques before the metal turns into a molten ball. Even then I might try to use that.

I love tools, especially hammers, it's amazing what different hammers do to a piece of metal.

I also use different size alphabets and designer stamps to create jewelry.

I fabricate all of my designs and most of my findings. Many of my designs are incorporated with beads.

I've recently been learning the art of lapidary and the many names of stones, of course I am drawn to the sparkly ones..

My next endeavor will be metal forming and how to use the many hammers I have in a different way.

I welcome custom orders.